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Extensive facilities at Auburn Veterinary Hospital

  • Surgery
  • Dental
  • X-Rays
  • Vaccination
  • Microchipping


We carry out a full range of routine and many non-routine procedures. Most surgery is carried out with gaseous anaesthesia using the same drugs that are used in human hospitals. Anaesthetic monitoring is carried out by trained nurses, with the aid of pulse oximetry and respiration monitors.

We have a wide range of surgical equipment for specialised procedures.

Our vets are proficient surgeons, with individual vets concentrating on particular aspects of less common surgeries. Our constant emphasis on continuing education and upgrading equipment means that we are fully up to date with recent developments.

If your pet requires a particular procedure that is beyond our level of expertise, experience, or equipment, we will not hesitate to suggest referral to a specialised centre.


Build-up of tartar in your pets mouth can harbour bacteria which lead to halitosis and cause the gums to recede, exposing the tooth roots and leading to tooth loss.

At Auburn Veterinary Hospital you can arrange to have your pets teeth ultrasonically descaled and polished, to send him home with a glistening smile. Extractions are also carried out as necessary. Dental work is carried out under deep sedation or general anaesthetic as required, using modern ultrasonic descaling and polishing equipment. This work is carried out by trained experienced staff in a thorough and gentle manner.

Painkillers and antibiotics are used as necessary.

We are also fully equipped to deal with dental disease in rabbits and other small mammals.


New state of the art digital x-ray allows rapid high quality results and easy computerised storage. X-rays can be sent electronically for referral opinion resulting in no delays.


It is very important to have your pet inoculated to protect him / her from the various diseases that are prevalent in the animal population, just as you have a child inoculated against polio, measles etc. puppies are protected against Parvovirus, Jaundice (viral & bacterial), and Distemper. We also recommend protection against Kennel Cough for those dogs going into Kennels or to Dog Shows.

Cats are vaccinated against Cat Flu, Enteritis, & Feline Leukaemia Virus. Rabbits are vaccinated against Myxamatosis, and Ferrets against Distemper. The duration of immunity following vaccination varies for different diseases, and in some cases annual re-vaccination is recommended.

Please contact Auburn Veterinary Hospital for advice on the appropriate vaccination regime for your pet.

Animals are always given a general health check at the time of vaccination.


At Auburn Veterinary Hospital you can have your pet microchipped to ensure that he is permanently identified and traceable back to you should he/she go missing. We also microchip litters of pups, at a discounted rate, for registration for the Kennel Club.

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