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Meet the Team

Meet our dedicated and friendly Auburn Veterinary Hospital team

Veterinary Surgeons

Declan O' Brien - Clinical Director

Declan O' Brien

Declan O' Brien Clinical Director
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Caroline Farrell - Clinical Director

Caroline Farrell

Caroline Farrell Clinical Director
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Enda Finnerty - Veterinary Surgeon

Enda Finnerty

Enda Finnerty Veterinary Surgeon
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Jenny Algar - Veterinary Surgeon

Jenny Algar

Jenny Algar Veterinary Surgeon
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Diane Farrar - Veterinary Surgeon

Diane Farrar

Diane Farrar Veterinary Surgeon
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Maria Paternottre - Veterinary Surgeon

Maria Paternottre

Maria Paternottre Veterinary Surgeon
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Rebecca Armitage - Veterinary Surgeon

Rebecca Armitage

Rebecca Armitage Veterinary Surgeon
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Veterinary Nurses

Jenny Gibson - Veterinary Nurse

Jenny Gibson

Jenny Gibson Veterinary Nurse
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Lee-Anne Maye - Veterinary Nurse

Lee-Anne Maye

Lee-Anne Maye Veterinary Nurse
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Sophy Foster - Veterinary Nurse

Sophy Foster

Sophy Foster RVN Veterinary Nurse
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Rachel Coyle - Student Veterinary Nurse

Rachel Coyle

Rachel Coyle Student Veterinary Nurse
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Administrative Team

Diana Wakefield - Practice Manager

Diana Wakefield

Diana Wakefield Practice Manager
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Yvette Cully - Testing Clerk

Yvette Cully

Yvette Cully Testing Clerk
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Cillian Doyle - Support staff

Cillian Doyle

Cillian Doyle Support staff
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